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Default Security camera feeds over the internet

This is a question from vicfonov:

hello, i find that you have a lot of useful security video help, what i would like to know if you can tell me what i would need to get for my situation.
i own an apartment complex and i already have few cameras, but i need to know how can i send a video signal through internet so i would be able to access the video from home.
my cameras are wired to one location, and i will have internet there as well.


I actually don't know too much about this. I believe there are many solutions out there, but most of them are proprietary and you need to buy all of the cameras and software from the same vendor.

There are some fairly rudimentary consumer grade solutions from D-Link and Trendnet for looking at the video feeds on your iPhone or similar device, but maybe a bit more detail about what you've already got set up will help the community find a solution for you.
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