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1. Full tower is probably the way to go for a beast machine like this. My personal favourite cases right now unfortunately aren't that great for dual graphics cards... I'm partial to the 800D, 650D, Fractal Design Define XL (this one's probably not a bad bet actually...), and NZXT Phantom (I think it looks cool. Sue me.)

I know Crazy Russian did a dual 580 build in a Define XL a while back and he used external exhaust cards. Maybe that is not a bad route to go. That case supports the ECO just fine.

2. np. it's what I do ;)

3. Grab an AX850 or an AX1000. I know not everyone will agree with my recommendation. I can hear it now "850W is way too small it'll be inefficient under load", but the reality of it is that your machine will be idling 90% of the time it is powered on, and the bigger your PSU, the less efficient it is at idle.

Check out what happens to power consumption when I put in a 1500W PSU in this video. It's an extreme example, but I feel as long as you're buying a high quality unit that it's better to be at 80-85% use under load than it is to be idling at 5% use.

80 PLUS Gold Power Supply Efficiency (NCIX Tech Tips #60) - YouTube
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