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Originally Posted by Sagath View Post
eh. To each their own, but I love my iphone over my wifes galaxy s also. Sure its jailbroken, but I guess that just means it has a custom firmware on it in android-speak
This is true only in a very basic sense. The potential for new features and optimizations is *extremely* limited compared to Android devices.

I usually advocate the best tool for the job, but less so in the case of Apple because of ideological concerns. I believe that supporting Apple's closed vision is detrimental market diversity and consumer choice. Apple's antics make Microsoft look like the GNU project. The worst part about Apple's recent success is they've set new precedents of "evil" that other companies may follow. Remember when bundling a browser and media player with Windows were the ultimate sins of the PC inudstry? Hah!

Fortunately for me, no Apple product has ever been the best tool for any of my jobs. And from a price/performance pov, not even competitive.
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