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My System Specs


Just got the Corsair HS1 this morning and have to say I am pleased in ever single area. Comfort on them is by far amazing. Feels like there is marshmallows on my ears. No side pressure squeezing my head, like the Logitech G930's did. Very soft on the ears and haven't really noticed them on my head at all to be honest after about 5 hours of use. They may however be slightly heavier then your previous headphones, but they are very comfortable nonetheless.

Sound quality is very good. Checked out some FLAC format music for an hour or so, and have nothing bad to say about these. The bass was lower then my G930 by a bit, but after installing the control panel, I manually adjusted the lows in the equalizer and now its set perfect and fairly bassy. I also checked out a war scene in "The Pacific" in 1080p quality with the 7.1 virtual speaker shifter option on and was amazed at how accurate the sounds were for virtual 7.1 sound. Using the headphones in a ventrilo with the highest quality codec, I can hear my friends crystal clear, as well as them hearing me perfectly and clear without any background noise or static. I noticed in reviews a lot of people said the mic was average or good, but not great. After talking to several people, they say its better then all my previous ones and sounds amazing, so I assume the people commenting on the quality of the mic are in some low quality codec team speak or mumble server that sounds awful to begin with.

Other things I liked about them was the quality of the cord. The cord is very robust and nylon braided or cased, like the G500 Logitech mouse if anyone has that or can relate. The sound controls on it to raise or lower volume are a nice touch and don't feel cheap. The overall cable length is very long too so plenty of room to move around or adjust your distances. When muted the volume control turns from a blue light to red to show you that you are muted. Finally overall the build comfort and quality are very strong and not junky feeling.

For the price of these on most sites at $50 for half off, you really cannot go wrong with them, as I would be willing to pay full price after using them. I could not be happier. Hope this helps. Cheers!

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