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Default Is an HD 6870 a good upgrade from an HD 5770?

This is a question from Daveydude117:

I just bought a brand new, sealed in retail box HD 6870 from sapphire. I'm currently using an hd 5770 and I'm having a bit of buyers remorse and I was just wondering if you think that is a good upgrade before I open the box.

I asked about a 6870 being a good upgrade over a 5770 because I'm having buyers remorse. I forgot to mention my pc specs for you: i5 2500k, 8 gigs corsair ddr3 1600. I got the 6870 brand new for 143$ and I'm wondering if I should open it and use it or return it. When 7000 series comes out I plan on selling it and my 5770 to get a 7950/7970.
For something like this it comes down to your performance expectations. If the 5770 is not performing well enough for you right now and you need a little boost before upgrading to a 7000 series card, then I'd say it's a good upgrade.

If you're happy with the performance of the 5770 for now, then it's probably a waste...
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