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Default Where does LinusTechTips get all his hardware??

This is a question from Erectionproblem (really hope that's just a nickname...):

Hi, I watched your videos and I have a question. How do you get all the money to buy all that? You have really impressive stuff, stuff I wish I had. Lol I upgraded my PC this year for the second time and now my 5850 wont even run fking bf3 on the highest settings. :( It really sucks because I'm a Battlefield player since 2002, and you seriously need 580's in SLI to run it on the highest settings. :( I do not even meet recommended requirements. Well whatevs, thanks for the great video's goodbye!
I have many sources for hardware. Sometimes companies send me review units (which I often send back once I am finished) to look at and evaluate, other times I borrow things from my work ( - Canada's Premier Computer Store - Online PC Discount Store, Buy Computer Accessories), and the other most common way I get things is the good old fashioned "buy it" method :)

I've actually even been known to BORROW hardware from friends to complete a review if I need it for reference and I don't have one!
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