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Default SSD as boot drive Hard drive as storage

This is a question from DillangerKane:

Hello linus i am a huge fan iv been watching for years.
Well i just bought my 1st SSD from ncix (ocz solid 3)

I have loaded windows on my ssd and set it to the boot drive in the bios.
Well my problem is that i don't know how to make my hard drive the storage drive. (i have formatted my hard drive)

is there something i can do to make it so that when i download something it saves on the hard rive not my ssd?
You will have to configure each of your application independently in order to make your hard drive the storage location. For example in Firefox you can access through tools or options or whatever they call it on the current version the tab that allows you to select where you want your default save location to be.
Programs like uTorrent have similar functionality.

Some will be trickier. Many games for example cannot alter the save location, but if you install them to the hard drive in the first place, your save game files shouldn't take up too much space.
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