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Default Appropriate components to go with 2600K for $1600-2000 gaming system

This is a question from invasion4

hey man, i know that you're an absolute genius in computers. and i am just starting to learn about computers. i want to become a computer engineer but anyway my question is that i wanted to know what motherboard do u recommend right now as of September to be the best for core i7 2600k processor. i was thinking of building my first gaming computer and my price point is somewhere around $1600-2000. so if u have time any tips of what case, power supply, ram, hdd, cooling system(if needed), etc.. i would need to build the best right now. thanks again. and awesome videos.

Right now there are a ton of motherboard choices for that processor. You can't go wrong with a board from any of the Tier 1 manufacturers like ASUS, Gigabyte or MSI. The most important thing for that CPU is to get one with the P67 or Z68 chipset so that you can use the unlocked multiplier to easily overclock.

My suggestion is to do some research on your own and post your ideas/questions in this thread to get some guidance on your new machine from the community.
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