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Default Welcome to the Linus Tech Tips Section of Hardware Canucks!

In this section I will post (unedited) PMs and comments from my viewers, then I will link the viewers here to Hardware Canucks for any follow up questions that they may have.

Over the years I have received hundreds of thousands of PMs and comments on my YouTube videos from viewers. It's very time consuming to respond to these messages, and I've gotten to the point where I really can't keep up with it anymore.

It was suggested to me that making a LinusTechTips forum would help to alleviate some of the burden because users could help each other or search existing threads for the answers to their questions, but I'm not interested in building/maintaining a forum, so I put that idea out of my mind.

The solution to this is a partnership between the LinusTechTips YouTube channel and my favourite computer hardware forum: Hardware Canucks.

I want to thank the HWC community in advance for its expertise and willingness to help me educate these budding PC enthusiasts :)

For those who don't already know, LinusTechTips is my YouTube channel (sponsored by NCIX) for unboxings, product overviews, reviews, and other computer related videos. You can find me on YouTube at LinusTechTips's Channel - YouTube
Please note: I am not here to provide official NCIX support on these forums.

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