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Ok, noob question here. I see you talking about the Multiplier but I am unable to locate the Multiplier options. Only thing I see if the CPU Ratio Setting (which I assume is the multiplier) and what does the first 3 digit number represent? ie. 200x21. Is it BCLK? Please let me know if there is something I overlooked.

Here is a rough draft of my settings so far, didnít have a lot of time to play around last night. *Note: For the "Digi+ PWR Mode" it says the X-Something setting is better for OC compared to the T-Balance. Have you tried that and what are you views on it?*

Configure System Performance Settings

*Ai Overclock Tuner [Manual]
*2D Performance Booster [Disabled]
*CPU Ratio Setting [25.0]
*CPU Turbo Power Limit [Disabled]
-> CPU Configuration
*BCLK Frequency [164]
*PCIE Frequency [100]
*DRAM Frequency [DDR3-1644MHz] * Increase around 2000MHz*
*UCLK Frequency [3287MHz]
*QPI Link Data Rate [Auto]

*Memory Recheck [Disabled]
*Memory Configuration Protect [Disabled]
-> DRAM Timing Control
*CAS# Latency [9 DRAM Clock]
*RAS# to CAS# Delay [11 DRAM Clock]
*RAS# PRE Time [9 DRAM Clock]
*RAS# ACT Time [27 DRAM Clock]

*CPU Differential Amplitude [Auto]
*CPU Clock Skew [Auto]
*IOH Clock Skew [Auto]
------------------ Extreme Engine Digi+ -----------------
*Digi+ PWR Mode [T-Balanced]
*PWM Volt. Control [Auto]
*Load-Line Calibration [Auto]
*CPU Voltage OCP [Enabled]
*CPU PWM Frequency [Auto]
----- Please key in numbers or select voltage -----
*Extreme OV [Disabled]
*Extreme OC [Auto]
*CPU Voltage [1.27500]
*CPU PLL Voltage [Auto]
*QPI/DRAM Core Voltage [1.30000]
*DRAM Bus Voltage [1.64000]
-> DRAM REF Voltages
*IOH Voltage [1.20575]
*IOH PCIE Voltage [1.60325]
*ICH Voltage [1.20575]
*ICH PCIE Voltage [1.60325]

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