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Default 1/8" hst 2:1 shrink ratio

Hey. So I found a 100ft spool of 1/8" heatshrink and I was wondering if that was the correct size for individual cable sleeving. I can get the spool for an awesome price. With it being 2:1 shrink ratio it should properly shrink over the cable + sleeving...thoughts?

Edit: Found some 18awg cable (same as typical mobo cables) lying around the shop. Works great, don't have sleeving here, but I am sure it will fit over just fine. Was worried about it not tightening over the cable, due to it only being a 2:1...but works perfect, and if I learned how to read at a young age I would have seen it clearly marked on the tag 24-20 awg =P So it will also work for fans @ approx 24awg cable size.

Anyone here ever deal with Dazemode? How is the service? I need to get some more sleeving and there price seems pretty decent.
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