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BUSY BUSY BUSY, finialy has a chance to get a good run up putting the side pane together and making sure it all fits before final sending and painting

Electrical tape, the modders friend

This was a nightmare to get all the components in place to drill through what was technicialy a sandwich of cast polyester, steel and acrylic

More drilling.. jeez......

Making sure the holes line up for bolting

This could have been a lot easier and faster but with limited resources one hast to think out of the box

Test fitting the bezel

The gaps are intentional, i will be covering them with brushes alu to add a little accent

Tapping the holes for the fan/grill assembly

MNPCtech 120mm overkill grills, Bill Owen over at MNPCtech is making 2 140mm versions of these for me for the top



UUUU thats rough

Most of the forming done, dremel+lap sanding wheel+awesome

Main door fab finished, plenty of adjusting to come but thats the BIG fab done
The fans are perfectly central trust me..... CURSE YOU CAMERA ANGLE
NOTE the 2 triangles outside the bezel are intentional, not sure if there going to remain tiny windows or to cut them through in to blow off vents

And no way in hell am i removing the protective film untill im done

So much still to do, but its gunna be great fun
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