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A few weeks ago i was delighted to hear that NZXT had been kind enough to sponsor my project, for me this is fantastic, although sponsorship is a day to day affair for the more established in the modding community but for the new guy sponsorship is a big risk as they cannot be 100% sure there not being conned or that the project will not fizzle out to nothing. So once again its a HUGE thank you to NZXT


After mugging my deliveryman and fighting my way in to the packing box (cudos on the secure packing)

Lets see now we have.......

The HALE90 (850watt)

Sentry LXE

Blue LED lighting kits

Unboxing the PSU, what's in the box... well ok a PSU... i ment what else

Nice to see a total lack of the typical polystyrene in favour for the non crumbely packing.
Everything in perfect condition

The PSU its self, NZXT have gone for white on the HALE90 series, with the recessed grill and 140mm fan the looks are pretty striking, and of course it IS modular

Plenty of modular cables provided, all have good quality connectors, and with the all black sheathing have a nice uniform look. and all kept safe in a little carry case

The main loom has plenty of connectors all sleeved in black braid

On to the Sentry LXE fan control

Again we have the same foam packing to keep it all safe, no part of the LXEs main unit was touching the box it was suspended in the foam for max protection, so many times have i seen components resting on cardboard after removing the cover package

Main unit is very rugged 5mm alu face plate

sadly i could not get a shot of the screen (camera flare central)

Main PCI, Connectors a plenty here with power, 5 3pin PWM fan connectors and 5 temp probe connectors

They have even included EXTRA temp probes just incase

Also included, screws for pci mount, 8 pin pci plate to control lead, pads to affix the probes and a back up battery

Last up the Blue LED strings, nice little blister pack, in the case of components like these i often see way to much in the way of packaging

In the box we have pci plate, power lead and the string its self, the one pictured is the BLUE 100CM edition, 200CM is available

On the rear plate we have a slider for 3 brightness selections and ofcourse the On/Off switch

Once again a massive THANKYOU to NZXT for the sponsorship

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