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All 4 parts cast, time to get the mouse sander out

Here we see the mouse sander in its natural habitat, about to pounce on this basking bezel piece

10 mins and a lot of swearing later (sanded my finger)

30mins more and even more swearing (to annoy the neighbours)

Ready to do the fine sanding ready to box up doe painting later

Its door fabrication time, that means HERE COMES THE DREMEL yay!!!!

First up, lets get this side taken apart

Tabs off, lets pop the window out

I will be using 1.5inch cutting discs from MNPCtech

Measuring up the new window bezel and making sure my cut lines are marked well inside the cut.... CUTTING YAY


Well that took ages lol, but the results are exactly what i need

Next up, filling the acrylic for the window and starting the cut for the top mounting panel

Unfortunately i couldnt get any shots of cutting the acrylic out as the dust was getting in my camera, co lets ump to filing and sanding the cut edge

I will be using a rough sanding pad for this as i have a lot of material to remove


Ahh there fixed, ther was never a huge chunk taken out of the edge... was there *swings hypnotists watch*

In the next post... i start work on the top panel

Busy week, children, fabrication, deliveries, the list goes on....

Finialy an update and i am delighted to say it is a sponsor

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