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Next up, giving it that deep set duct that i so wanted to look lik an air con or ventilation unit

For this I had to use several strips and glue then end to end to get the length strip i needed, left to dry for 48hours, a huge amount of time to dry poly ut as the glued join measured 20mm X 0.5mm it needed to be solid

Once the epoxy on the reverse has set i can go ahead and poly the join between the edge of the duct and the top sheet, i have allowed some extra material to remove later, I am sure all of us would rather need to remove more rather then find we had not removed enough

WOW hot day, wish i was outside but needs must, i simply haft to get these flanges fixed. The flanges on the corners were not exactly symetrical so i had the idea to raise the whole section and build a fake box on top of them to the exact shape i wanted, once drawn up and measured the gluing was easy, BUT they are only attached by there ends until i can get the side pieces put together


Small update today... well for this morning, may be more later

[CENTER]Attached the flange sides, the beauty of this is you dont need to havean exact shape, you use the join to guide your cut

Finished with all flange sides added ready for first coat, as i am using plasticard for the main construction i am using a VERY thick application of satin PlastiKote clear over a matt black, not for the final finish but to provide me with a hard shell to work on top of

Whilst i wait for my joints to dry ive taken some spare time to make the replacement NZXT logo and AMD logo

AMD logo done, a lot less tricky then i expected

NZXT logo almost sorted, most of the letters turned out fine although i am on the 16th letter X

All letters finished with a little plinth to place on

DONE yay!!!!

And yes those letters are 13mm high

Time to start working on the mould for the window surround, i willl be using a master blank to provide the shape for the finished surround, and will be casting the mould from silicone RTV
or a lubricated alu box (setting resin can get up to 80C and will melt plastic)

Final produce till be cast in Polyester resin

Render of the Bezel i wil be making, caution will be the key here as the polyester resin can be brittle in the cross section i will be working in

BIG update today

With a huge influx of materials and some glorious free time ive managed to start on the blank to be made in to a mould for my resin window bezel, main blank fabrication is from 3mm plasticard, and wil be all hand cut and filed to prep for moulding, all joints will be made with polycement, it is quick cheap and effective for this material

Once marked out i can start to score the lines to create a guide path for the scalpel

All lines nice and deeply scored, the depth of each cut is now approx 2.5mm deep, the component can be snapped free after this point

And behold the first piece of the mould blank, the most critical piece as this wil govern the placement of the rest of the structure and any reinforcing needed

Cutting out the "rails" that i will split to make the sides and reinforcing butresses

First few sides and supports added, due to the pressure of 24hours immersed in a very dense liquid such as Silicone this needs to be very strong to prevent warping f the flat surfaces

Construction continues

And now finialy, my new camera, say god bye to dodgy phone camera pics

MY new Fuji all singing all dancing camera.. if this was any smarter it wold be a professor as Cambridge

New Arrivals

Hmmm i wonder what they could be, i shall use my jedi powers to detect the cargo... I predict the one on the right are fuel rods and the one on the left is a very angry Chinhilla

Damn i was wrong....


Yes the sweets did come with it, weird

Lets take a closer look...

Silicone RTV (Liquid silicone component)

Catalyst component

For this brand the mix is 1/10 catalyst to silicone, most have a ratio of 1/5 for the "salmon" catalysts. This is a clear catalyst mix better suited to exposure to Polyester resin

Class is shore A (20), i very resiliant silicone mix with high thermal resistance and strength, not as elastic as some classes its tearing ratio is 400% elongation

And now the cathodes....

Whats in the box


2 twin inverters

On/off rocker switches and cable bundle (ugly and will be replaced and sleeved)

Assorted sticky bits

UUUUU purdy (chair not included)
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