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What M3A is it btw cause some of them are capable of Phenom/Athlon II's on them ?

And not shure if i can say tom's hardware on here or not .... but a couple years back they did a breakdown on the nvidia & ati drivers in relation to platform preformance. They took a core 2 duo cpu with 4 gigs ram system, ran the same i think top tier ati & nvidia card from the time & they ran i think a few video benches/fraps runs at i think the mainstream resolution at the time of 1600x1200 ... The ati card as the cpu clock scaled up never changed in preformance always giving maximum framerates other then a few percentages. BUT when the nvidia card was in the same system & the clocks started to scale up they noticed the cards preformance as well started to scale up as well.

This came up for debate by them cause there own review staff as well as users on there forum was noticing how users with the same nvidia card but with a faster or slower system of same parts/specs would report it as having higher or lower preformance again based on there clock speed.
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