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I would recommend going max 4.0 with your cpu cooler untill you test it fully. I'm running a 4.0ghz (167x24) 24/7 now the i7-980 from what i understand typically likes Odd Multipliers better, but 24 seems solid. and Even XMP Mode on the R3E utilizes the 24 multiplier.
just make sure your dimm timings are set correctly, it will be on auto, and your ram i believe should be set to 9-11-9-27 where mine was set to 9-10-9-27
try to keep you're Vcore as low as you can with stable clock, because thats where most of the heat will come from, and with a V6 you want it as low as possible. Try a 4.0ghz with 1.25vcore - 1.275 if those are not solid, then i'd say go no higher than 1.3ghz for 4.0ghz, it shouldn't need to.

The good thing about the R3E is that with about 4.0ghz or so you can keep everything on auto, and just adjust the multiplier/or speed, and you should be able to achieve a nice OC.

Good luck, and keep me posted if you need anything.
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