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Originally Posted by Dzzope View Post
wait till the new amd stuff is out.. they will have to drop the prices on current new stuff and lots of people will sell when new stuff comes out so second hand stuff will drop too..

I wouldn't advise buying just before a major release. As the hardware depreciates in value hugely as soon as a new generation is released.
It will also give you a month or so to save up more and then mebby you'll be able to afford something much nicer for 150 - 200ish (thinking 5870, 6950? - gtx 470, 560ti)
At least one person replied to my bump/followup!

Thanks, man! I am terrible at deciding and so indecisive!

I am looking at an i5-2500k build in which I could use the Intel HD 3000 graphics to last me until that time happens (when the new stuff comes out and hopefully, the 560Ti cards drop a bit in price).

Another positive to that is I can at least get something with a warranty. I don't put a lot of stock in that considering what happened with BFG but it's still a plus compared to a used card with no warranty. I'm looking at Nvidia so a transferable warranty won't apply unless I choose an ATI card and then I'd have to go with XFX.

I looked at 6950 and there are a lot of people saying these cards have drivers resulting in stuttering. The 6950 really looks like an efficient card, though. Low power/temps considering the performance you get. Seems like a very ideal card for me if the drivers were half decent. My problem is I'm a hard core Linux user so when I'm in Windows, everything would be fine but when I'm using my Linux partition, there are major question marks regarding drivers. OTOH, there are some advantages but it depends who you talk to.

Sorry to bore you with some Linux comments but your idea does make good sense. The problem is I cannot decide so until I sell some of my old stuff and look at finances, I'll be entertaining every idea and route to go. lol!

All comments and opinions appreciated! :)
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