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Default Opinions on 3 fans vs 6 fans on a triple rad

Hey all;
My watercooling loop in my main rig consists of:

- SR1 Black Ice 360 rad, 6 Gentle Typhoon fans (25mm top and 20mm bottom)
- Heatkiller 3.0 with backplate for i7 970@4.0
- Koolance NX 580 block for Evga GTX 580 (forget the OC)
- Swiftech MCP 655-B Pump, with EK D5 X-Top rev.2
- EK Multioption tube reservoir, basic
- 1/2in ID tubing
- Corsair 800D case
- Lamptron Touch fan controller

What I am wondering is would I notice a performance difference by moving to three fans from six? I am wondering if the six fans are worth the extra space and noise? (albeit the noise is not much of an issue with these).

Three fans would make it easier to clean, and some more room. I also had a heck of a time getting all the fans on and mount the rad (my old method of using a bunch of smaller screws would not work with the GTs).

I am willing to look into a shroud or even a new rad if it means I can get a slightly simpler setup with the same performance on my cpu and gpu blocks.
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