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Originally Posted by techman95 View Post
^^i think you just got a bad one ,but any ways a 6850 will beat a 460 and if and i say if you get one with a good cooler than they rock so dont do the original xfx cards try for the duel fan or go with an asus or saphire
Maybe I'm just needing a coffee or something but which card are you talking about? :) 460 or 6850?

Originally Posted by GT7R View Post
460 1GB for all the reasons above :)
For $100, though?

Originally Posted by Bond007 View Post
my 460 is MSI cyclone and I love it. Keeps the card extremely cool. HWC review of 460 768 mb cyclone
Hey Bond, the used 460 1gb card for sale I'm looking at is a MSI Cyclone.

I'm just trying to decide whether it's a good deal for $100.

This is v.s. 560 1gb for $150/$160 and 560Ti for????? Maybe $200?

I have the $100 now, technically, so I have to either commit to moving on this or save up for one of the other cards.

Any advice here? :)

Not sure what the value of a used 460 1gb should really be. Am I relatively safe buying a used video card? I know they get bought and sold around here a lot but I believe this is one of the hardware components that has the most potential for problems especially if card owners were messing around with voltages and overclocking.

I do like having something that is lower powered/lower temps.... the 560 is awfully tempting but I'm trying to buy a 'new' system and need to sell some stuff to get there, unfortunately.

I was also wondering what the value of 460 cards would be in, say, 6 months. I could sell the 460 on ebay if I wanted to move to a 560/Ti?

ughhhhhh.... I can't decide! Crap! ;-)

'Bumped in the hope to receive more feedback/advice! :)
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