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Originally Posted by jdrom17 View Post
To be honest, I think it should be boycotted until it there's a free version that can be run continuously and be able to post on ORB. I believe HWBot is going this way and trying not to support it.
Let's start this with the above quote. I think this is the major issue MANY people will have with this since you will have to pony up the money for the right to run this benchmark more than once. Personally, I land in both camps since there are plenty of benchmarks that we have access to that are not available for free and are very good at comparing one product to another. At the same time I have a bit of an issue with having someone having to "pay to compare".

I guess if you do include it (seems like most people want it), make sure you do a few runs and average it out. Also make sure all other benchmarks are done in Vista as well, and that it's clearly stated, as you can't compare Vista benchmarks to XP as far as I'm concerned. Seeing as the Vista adoption rate is rather low, this is probably a key note to mention.
Did we mention that Vantage is Vista only?

Oh, as per the 22" screen thing, I agree there. Should definitely start use 1680x1050 as one of the default resolutions as more and more people are using this now.
Please remember that if a game runs well at 1600x1200 it will do so at 1680x1050. That is why we use it: it encompasses more than one set of buyers.
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