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Originally Posted by lechumbl View Post
Hi all,

You guys are missing my point.

Why O/C insanely when it hardly affects the time per frame, that's all.

We can talk heat, etc, forever, but the bottom line is, it is such a small amount of time difference, that it is not worth the higher heat issues, simple as that.

Sure, O/C will drop 2 years off of a 10 year CPU, but who cares. We always upgrade, as was said, every 6 months or so anyway.

Again, this thread was to ask why O/C to the limit, other than bragging rights, when is does not affect the PPD much.

Take care and thanx for the discussion........
For me, again everyone will to a degree have a different answer, it boils down to it does give me a performance boost while gaming and TBH it is easier to simply overclock my system and have it set, for everything rather than increasing my clocks when gaming.
I fold but I also game so while I might not see a difference in PPD i do see a difference in gaming and dont want to have to reset my clocks everytime I want to game.

EDIT: Now if the oc doesnt net you any benefits (IE surfing for one) for what you are using it for then I have to agree why bother with the added heat and power consumption.
I use my rig for more than just folding so OCing them does net me performance, now if that rig was dedicated folder that was only folding and the ppd increase from a OC was negligible then yes why.

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