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Personally, if a video card review doesn't use it, I'm going to loose approximately 0.0000001 secs of sleep, especially since my gaming comp is now on XP. But I'm still mostly in favour of including it.

Many of the other arguments all apply to other popular benchmarking software. 3DMark06 doesn't reflect real games either, and DX9.0c wasn't nearly as 'widespread' when it first came out either. Crysis has apparently barely sold 100k copies or so, even if about 500k people seem have opinions on it and want to see the benchmarks.

In favour of Vantage is the fact that it DOES kick the hell out of current top-end graphics cards, especially on the higher settings. When card A is giving you 70fps, and card B is giving you 80fps, things aren't nearly as critical. But when you're down in the 20's, each fps is a little more important.

The only thing that jumps out at me is that sample variance issue, which you'd think Futuremark would have commented on by now. I'd have misgivings about using a ruler that was +/-20% accurate, no matter how many times it was averaged.
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