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My System Specs


Sure heat will kill a cpu prematurely but in most instances the cpu will be long obsolete before that happens, hell I have a Tbird and Tbred here that have both been running 24/7 for well more years than they should, both perfectly fine but if they did die then so what I have got more than the life of the units.
Will heat/voltage kill a CPU, yup but as long as you are reasonable with the voltage then whats 2 years off a 10 year life span?
Depend s on the overclock for the gains they are most defiantly there though, though by the looks of things your not seeing them.:/
For me as probably alot of us here would rather buy a lower priced CPU and overclock it to a higherend cpus clocks, thus netting you a performance boost for less money.
TBH I have not run a cpu @ stock for folding in years ( going to actually have a look at the difference in PPD now though) but I think I will just to see what the difference. I wont be lowering my clocks though because for gaming I net a shit ton more fps @ 5g than 3.4g.

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