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My System Specs


I assume this will be my final entry on this issue.

To recap, over the past 7 months i've taken my GPU back to NCIX twice, and once I took the system in...without the monitors. Each time i've gone to NCIX we were not able to recreate the problem. (any of the three monitors that was plugged in to the upper DVI port of the GPU would experience yellowing...or lose connection with the computer)

I put off an obvious work-around for quite awhile, to stop using that DVI port and use one of the others.
I put it off because the GPU, in my defective...and at $380 I wanted a replacement. Logical...but not in the cards as I could not reproduce the issue at the store where it was purchased...and I was unwilling to spend more money on sending it to Sapphire in Hong Kong. (i had already spent over $100 renting a vehicle to take the computer to NCIX)

So...I decided to try an HDMI connection for the third monitor 6 weeks ago.
As I suspected, there's been no problem since then.
I just hope...that whatever is wrong with the DVI port in the will not someday affect other parts of the GPU. (assuming it isn't simply the port itself...but some component elsewhere in the card controlling that port)
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