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Hi SugarJ,

"So we can get more performance out of a cheaper part"
Unfortunately, the 6 core Xeon is not cheap. Can't be putting that much out too often.

"So we can do things faster."
That is my point on the F@H, it is not faster, to speak of.
If I was running a gaming rig, or something like that, then yes. I do nothing on that rig but fold, so faster is not needed. It is not a matter of comfortable with, it is a matter, if it does not improve the times per frame on F@H, there is no need for me to suffer the heat.

"As for heat control, if you are really concerned about it, go water cooling. It works."
Actually, I am running water cooling now. Have been for years on all my rigs.

I know what you are saying, but, as a retired hardware/software engineer from Microsoft, I look at things different than most folks do.
I know heat will kill prematurely, and at prices today, that is not a good thing.

Thanx for the reply, I appreciate your comments!!

Take care......

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