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Default O/C Difference

Hi all,

I have an O/C question or two.

When I run my 6 core Xeon (3066 stock MHz) at 3720 MHz or at 3912 MHz, there is so little difference in the time for frames in F@H.

There is only a few seconds difference, yet at the higher clock, the heat and the damage to the CPU and the system in general is very high.

In order to get the high clocks, the voltage needs to be cranked up so high and the FSB also.
Heat shortens the life of electronic parts so much. I hate to burn up a $600.00 CPU or a $250.00 mobo.

Other than "braggin' rights", why would I need to have much higher heat and damage to my system for so little time savings?

Take care, and thanx for replies..........

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