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Originally Posted by enaberif View Post
The Galaxy Tab and Asus Transformer have the same screen tho some people say the colors are a bit more "vibrant" on the Tab.

Also if you haven't used the new Kobo Touch check it out as there is a HUGE difference between the Kobo and Kobo Touch.
I was in Futureshop the other day and according to the specs I was looking up the Asus actually has an IPS screen which should give it way better viewing angles and I would have expected better colour too. However, despite me playing with the display settings the Asus looked washed out from a center viewpoint compared to the Samsung... and I mean significantly. And from an angle, they were really pretty similar. The Asus washed out less at extreme angles, but wasn't as colourful to start with.

I will definitely check the kobo touch. I find the original kobo immensely frustrating because I read very fast and even at the smallest print size I end up flipping the page constantly and it is fairly slow to respond, especially at the end of a chapter.
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