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Just to put my two cents in.
I have tested 2 setups running 2 x 6950's in Xfire and I can say that there is micro-stuttering as well as texture shimmering issues in certain games. When CF works well it is awesome but you have two cards sucking more power and pumping out more heat and noise.
A single card will always be a better option, especially at the resolutions you are playing at. Sure 3D mark 11 looks impressive, I scored 11,000 with a pair of 6950's compared to a single GTX 580 of 7900, but the single card feels smoother in games and has no issues associated with micro stutter or bad texturing.

About 11 months ago I tested 3 6870's in trifire and interestingly enough I did not experience any stutter, when I removed one card it was back. I have no idea why, perhaps the third card fills a buffer of sorts!

IMO stick to a single card, and BTW I personally think that at 22 or 24in monitor an overclocked GTX 570 or an overclocked HD 6970 will be best value.
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