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My System Specs


The sound is fine in the HS1's.. are they top quality.. no.. but then the realtec soundcard isn't either..

IMO the biggest bonus with the HS1's as USB is that you can set various programs to use different outputs and have speakers for music / movies and then headset for games and comms.


if you leave everything as default, when you plug in the usb sound everything (well most) will auto - switch to using that without having to screw around with anything else.

Whereas with the normal analogue ones it's them or speakers.

Comfort, they take a lil getting used to (they are heavy) but they are VERY comfy.
Can easily wear them for 6 hrs at work (with lil breaks) then take them home and use them to call home and game for a few more hours.
Have worn them for 6 - 8 hrs straight and they are about as good as I've ever had. still not perfect, but very good.

Mic quality is not what i would expect and there is no noise-cancellation. that is not to say that it's bad.. just not excellent.
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