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My System Specs


Your card isn't bad really. what about getting a second to tide you over till all the new shiny is out.

Then if you buy at the top of your budget you'll have a card that should do 3-5 years depending on
A what happens in the market (both hardware and games)
B how much performance you want.

Judging that your still on a 4890 I think you could push easily 4 years from a new gen card... If your willing to wait X months for them.
If not However, buy the largest single chip single card you can get IMO.
Then at least you always have the option of SLI / X-fire -ing it in future at a discount to extend your use of them.
(Like I'm suggesting you do with the 4890, which will also give you experience of what it's like with a dual card set-up but at less cost))
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