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Yesterday, Battlefield Community Manager, Daniel 'zh1nt0' Matros held a Battlefield 3 beta Q&A in Teamspeak. Unfortunately it was mostly in German, but EA UK forum members w1q3d posted a summarized list. An English Q&A is promised as well. We've corrected the article for grammar and took out some answers that were not too clear.

2-3 GB beta client
Netcode is totally new
Battlelog can be updated without patching the game so we can get new stuff faster
No level limit @ beta
Caspian Border is not the biggest map
Next 1-3 weeks will be talking about new maps
Auto heal on all vehicles after 10-15sec
Can't join as a squad if team is full so Battlelog groups don't get split
No weather + time changing in game
No jet bombs
Battlelog application for iPhone
You can use 3 screens if you have enough graphic power
E-sports is a focus for BF3
No comment for BattleRecorder
Battlelog will unlock beta on client so no keys for pre-order if you have origin order + Medal of Honor
Unlocks are for weapons not for classes. You can't unlock red dot on gun1 and use it on gun 2
Pre-load info will come in a few days
Metro got changed that' why they want to test balance again
You can not change the posters in game to make clan publicity
You have more then 1 knife animation. On the ground you can NOT counter knife
Beta will not start at 00:00
Beta was never delayed ( the date )
You can not UPDATE alpha client you need a full download
You can join with friends on a server
Friendly fire is On default settings
Mod tools are still CONSIDERED
You can not cook grenades
Vehicles auto regeneration ONLY under 75%
Ranked servers can be changed to unranked but same price
When you get kicked you can see the reason in the Battleblog
there will be more info the next weeks
Some community events will be held during the beta
About 300 workers @ DICE
Will be some more Q&A for English people "soon"
Makes sence why Metro again if there were changes.

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