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Default 1 @ 580 or 2 @ 6950

i7 920 running @ 3.6
22" LG, which I may upgrade to a 24" whatever, but it will be a single monitor solution.

Am running a 4890 now, it's time for an upgrade. $500, flexible. It's been 2 years, and I would expect to get the next 2 years + out of this upgrade....I don't need to be bleeding high end, but do want to somewhat future proof myself, be able to run the upcoming generation of games with good performance.

OK I have no skin in the ATI vs Nvidia race, don't care. Figure I'm within $50-75, with the dual 6950 being on the high side. According to the Anandtech chart, they draw about the same current as a single 580 under load and would seem to outperform a single 580. The current draw on most of the Nvidia stuff is scary looking lol. If I did a 580 and looked to SLI in the future, would definitely need a PSU at the same time.

I haven't seen or experienced the XFire stuttering issue in person. Tom's says it's much improved in the 69XX generation. Someone who's done this, tell me what YOU think, what YOU'VE seen.

Alternately, tell me what YOU'D do in the ~$500 (flexible) range.

***OK I lied up there, I've been a pretty big ATI fanboi but wanted you to read the rest first. I almost have myself talked into a 580 thinking then I can upgrade to SLI later. Just, you know, full disclosure and all.
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