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Default Corsair HS1 or HS1A: Which to get?

Ok, so I am looking at getting some new headphones and right now (until tomorrow night) the Corsair HS1 (USB) and HS1A (analog) are on sale for $49.99 and $44.99 respectively.

I am just trying to decide which one to get. As for the price from what I see the USB is the better deal but is that the one I want. I will be using this headset just on my desktop and it will not get use anywhere else, at least not enough to warrant mention. As for what I will be listening to, I would say about 65% games, 20% music, and 15% movies, give or take a bit.

Now the chipset in my machine is the Realtek ALC889. So that is what the HS1As will be plugged into and of course the HS1 will use its own built in audio chipset.

Which do people think I should go with? I think I'm leaning a little towards the HS1 (usb) but not totally convinced. Thoughts?
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