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Originally Posted by Borg View Post
If you take 8gb out, is there a significant difference?

I read that there's not a major difference between speeds and that it's a more intriguing measurement. The speed 1333mhz is standard for sandybridge processors and going higher doesn't give that much compared to the price for higher speed RAM.

But, I would think with a virtual machine, being able to assign more RAM per VM would mean a difference so 8gb vs 16gb might be a worthwhile comparison. I mean, the additional RAM would, in theory, make a difference?
Exactly this! For people who do very basic and minimal things and I'm including gaming here on their systems the difference between 4 > 8 > 16 is going to such a minimal difference that just because you can buy doesn't necessarily mean its going to be useful.

For those who do things that CAN take advantage of it by all means spend spend.
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