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Well with the reworked "Safe Streets and Communities Act" that does not include the spying portion, I think it is a good idea.
Anything that imposes harsher sentences for violent offenders is good in my book. Frankly I don't get what people would think is wrong with this act now that the online spying is removed. It would be nice to see things like house arrest removed as an option for violent offenders. Hell maybe if this comes in, a little tiny bit more justice would be served.

Here is an example of how screwed things are now and why we need more harsh sentences. A girl I know got severely beaten and put into the hospital with multiple broken bones. All of this was done by someone who is only here on a work visa, and was not even working. Do you know what he gets for a sentence? 3 months, served on weekends. Oh and yes he is still in the country because the courts think it would be better for him to stay here and work. Of course they don't even have any proof he is even working now but that doesn't matter. As it stands he has applied to get the weekend sentence changed to house arrest. So in other words he just wants it so that he just has to stay home over the weekend and that is it. All of this for nearly beating someone to death. That is whats wrong with our system. First thing he should have been deported, but that aside he should at least be held responsible for his actions and not this pathetic slap on the wrist.

So yea, anything that can help nail people like this to the wall the better. I just hate how everything in the judicial system is now more concerned with the criminals rights instead of the victims.
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