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And a timely piece in the Vancouver Sun as a lack of court resources leads to a drug dealer's conviction being tossed: B.C. judge blasts province as cocaine dealer set free over court delays

"In July, the government admitted that in the first half of 2011 alone, 65 adult criminal and youth cases had been judicially stayed because of undue delays."

Meanwhile, budgetary guesses at the cost of the omnibus crime bill -- the Conservatives refuse to provide Parliament or the public with costs projections -- figure the federal corrections budget alone will have to double compared to 2005-06, despite the crime rate continuing to drop. This from Corrections Canada. The provinces, which will actually bear the brunt of the additional costs, have no real idea of how high their bill will be. Perhaps some of it will be offset by not having convicted criminals go to jail, because the resources for convicting them are tied up in enlarging corrections facilities?

The policy itself of longer incarcerations is questionable at best (see the U.S. for how well large prison populations reduce crime rates), but to implement such a policy without any financial planning is the very definition of fiscal incompetence. Show me how this will prevent more crimes than, say, programs dedicated to crime prevention, and thereby improve society and the economy -- don't just tell me "it'll work, trust us, and besides, you don't support crime, do you?"
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