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@ AkG - There was an investigation conducted into the members of that sniper platoon for some alleged incidents. Their treatment by the military during the investigation was what led those individuals to leave the military. At point the military refused the bronze stars the US Army awarded them.

Rob Furlong is now cop. His shot was 2430 meters.

Aaron Perry is also out of the military, not sure what he is doing. His shot was 2310 meters.

It waasn't until after the investigation started that word of their shots started to get out, and it was the US military that started to make noise about it.

Incidentally there is a British soldier that now holds the record with shots that eliminated a insurgent machine gun team at a range of 2475 meters.

@ Headsh0t - How about this for another Manitboa boy Prince, Tommy - The Canadian Encyclopedia ?
The oath to serve your country did not include a contract for normal luxury, and comforts enjoyed within our society. On the contrary it implies hardships, loyalty and devotion to duty, regardless of rank
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