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My System Specs


Great choice, you'll love the board. Ultra stable (not one hick-up since I got mine), and IPMI works great (no dvd burner, no keyboard, no mouse, no monitor: you even have access to the BIOS via the webapp).

Make sure you slap 4 sticks of ram per chip channel for best performance (quad-channel). PSU-wise, my rig never pulled more than 500W from the wall under full load. Which HSFs and case did you go for? I'm using Dynatron A5s - little screamers, them buggers. But they keep the chips at ambiant +20C, while being inside a 932 Advanced. It's in the garage for a reason...

Make sure you add a fan nearby each chip PWMs and the lower, large heatsink (the SR5690 chipset) - they get hot...

Here's a shot:

Hydro-Quebec is salivating...
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