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Originally Posted by GT7R View Post
460 1GB for all the reasons above :)
Ok, I think the used 460 1GB on here is sold.

So, my next options is a 460 1gb on rfd but the brand is MSI. Is that worth pursuing (providing it's not sold)? I'm not sure about that site, though. Anyway, I think they were asking $100-$110 but I don't want to go over $100 w/ shipping on a used card.

There's a Zotac 560 on newegg with a coupon to get it to $130 which is over my budget but at least it's new. I guess I could raise the funds if the coupon doesn't expire beforehand... Also, I am not sure about the Zotac brand.

I figure EVGA and Asus are the brands to get unless the others are cheaper. Right?

Blah.... hate being short $40!
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