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RIM is still profitable, and they have a loyal user base that is willing to spend big money (business and govt). The biggest concern is the growth of Apple, and the Android makers, compared to them. They are under siege for sure, but nowhere near as bad as everybody says they are.

QNX needs to be a success for them though to grow in the home user market. I think that if they can get Android software to work on their phones, while maintaining their strong business infrastructure technology, they could see growth similar to everybody else and be a darling of the media and home market again.

After QNX gets rolling, they should start to take the tablet market more seriously.

I would wait to see how QNX does, and if it starts to look good, I would actually buy shares in RIM quickly. Right now? Would be too much of a gamble for my tastes (but I would have said the same about Apple back in the day too).
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