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My System Specs


Sam, you should pick a better title - your stupid is showing. It's like you're trying to live up to the standards of fox news with a title like that.

I have friends who work at RIM, and am not rooting for a companies demise because of not liking the product for personal use.
In fact, I would choose a Blackberry smartphone over android or iphone any day. The number one reason? remote wipe of the device. Someone gets fired.. boom, head shot. Add in the security features and things like blackberry messenger and how it views pictures / uses less data and it's great for business.

The person who said someone updated their phone and messed things up? Is a terrible admin, or has a terrible admin. Don't allow users to update the phones, and pre-test the updates on your own phone before deploying.. duh. Don't say you don't like the product because you're incompetent.

My work phone is a blackberry, my home phone (wifes) is a HTC Desire HD.

I'll learn to manage my anger, when people learn to manage their stupid.
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