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Originally Posted by Pabz0r545 View Post
Hi everyone. Last night I built my very own home build gaming PC for the first time. YAY! Everything went pretty smooth except for the heatsink. I applied the thermal paste to my CPU only to find out that my heatsink was too big to fit on my motherboard. I washed it off with isopropyl alcohol, washed the thermal paste off the factory heatsink that came with my i5 2500k processor and used the thermal compound I applied in the first place.

My question is... Does any of you know of a heatsink that will fit on the ASRock P67 Extreme 4 Gen3 Motherboard? Also I kinda care what it looks like and would like to stay away from any copper showing. Preferably a cool looking one but it doesn't absolutely have to look cool.

If you check reviews and newegg reviews, for e.g, this mobo can support many heatsinks. I believe many on this site recommend the Cooler Master Hyper 212 Plus if you want something cheap.

You tried the Intel heatsink that came with the cpu? I read it's not very good especially if you ever want to overclock.
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