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I won't defend their business decisions, and I agree that they tried being too much all at once (curve phones). QNX Needs to be on their phones soon to have any impact and save their dwindling presence. The playbook though is a solid device, app selection is limited but if developers did program for it would stand up to every other tablet. What I honestly think (full disclosure both my wife and I have blackberries, and almost everyone in my family has BBs except for one with an android) is that the mass media seems to have a hate-on for RIM right now.

There are reports commending RIMs hardware have come out and been ignored by the media. For example hardware failures in the Europe Rim = 3.7%, Iphone = 8%, android = 14% sample size was 600,000. The playbooks hardware at launch was the most impressive in a tablet and is near or still at the top for hardware specs. Hear any of that in the media?

How quickly the media forgets about Iphone tracking in unencrypted files, but stays focused on the stock value of RIM. I think the media has fallen in love with Apple, and will have the occasional love affair with android for no real tangible reason. Each phone has strengths and weaknesses that will draw people to one phone or the other. The media is having a hand in driving down RIMs market share I think unfairly by reporting negative news on RIM and ignoring anything good.

When Canadian news does this constantly while constantly cuddling up iphone talk on CBC etc it rubs me the wrong way. I like to buy Canadian, I think we have lost too much in the way of development and manufacturing in the cheap labor mentality. We have a giant in smart phone manufactures in Canada, that's something to be proud of, even if you don't use their phones. If their time has come then so be it, lets just not rush it because of a news castor told us so.

I honestly don't know what I would switch too if I had to get something else, I don't like being locked into the iWorld, and I have had many android phones shown to me that look impressive but for every 10,000 apps they brag about 9,999 of them ether don't work or do the job so badly I understand why both apple and rim charge for licencing.

I like my clicky keyboard on my bold as well ;-)
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