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Default 460 or 6850 or?

If it was between these cards, any thoughts?

If a 460, I have to buy it used. I'm not sure the 6850 is available used very often and if so, at what price?

460 - $100

6850 - $120 (probably rebate required)

I'm just wondering how you'd compare these cards especially if you've tried both.

Anything I need to know about drivers (quality), video quality and tessellation differences?

I use Windows 7 and Linux. I'm not sure there's games that would make me get one over the other. But, maybe certain intangibles such as driver quality or power/temps and video quality (definitely) could tip the scales.

If it matters, I'm leaning towards a 460 for two reasons:
1) more available used - except not readily available but if found, it's about $100
2) Linux - Nvidia is often said to be easier to use but I'm researching, currently, the use of the 460 which may or may not be problematic - I know it's supported, though.

However, there are ATI fans who tell me to go for 6850 for more versatility - somewhat low temps and two driver choices in Linux.

I can't decide yet but the 460 might be cheaper and more inviting for the sole reason as it's more likely to get a higher video quality/choice in Linux.

Any comments?
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