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The radiator is a little small for a CPU but I have 2 h60's I bought and mounted to my Crossfire setup and it works awesome for cooling my 5850's. The highest temps I have gotten so far is 30C and that with them clocked at 900/1250 the highest overdrive will let me go. I just made a couple of 110 copper 1/8th cold plates and mouted the blocks to them, using the AMD adaptors and 3mm bolt I just dilled and tapped so I could bolt the block to the cold plate. The only mod I am going to make is change the tubing its a little to stiff and makes it difficult to remove them for cleaning or adding new add in card so I picked up some 1/4 ID tubing for $6 at HomeDepot which is much more flexable and I will also going to increase the lenth. They make amost no noise at all they are alot quieter then the stock cooler and are still only take up a duel slot like the stock cooler does. I will also use them on the nest vdeo cards I get.
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