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My System Specs


Originally Posted by The Quicken View Post
The panny GT30 will be avaliable at BestBuy in the near future--this is what I would spend my $$ on.

CES: Panasonic's GT30 series plasmas tout THX - CES 2011 CNET Blogs

Baring that u could look at the GT25 (this years model)
$1800 and up is a little rich for my blood I think. But it does look nice.

Regardless... it looks like my decision is made for me. My brother is in the market for a 3D TV, and has offered to sell me his almost brand new (less than a year old) 50" plasma LG-PK550 to me for $500. And for that price, I'd be absolutely insane not to buy it. So that's what I'm getting for now.
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