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Default teasers FX-8150 oc'ing

Includes video footage of oc event from few weeks back, interesting quote from there posting:

" If the enthusiasts can in fact expect mid-4GHz overclocks with the lesser priced model 8120 processors using aggressive air and sealed water cooling configurations, I would suggest AMD will possibly do good at satisfying many of those waiting on its 8-core processors for so long now. "

Rest here:

*Link Removed. No HardOCP links on HWC please.

Alternate articles can be found at the following sources:

AMD Achieves New World Record CPU Frequency

AMD FX-8150 'Bulldozer' Hits 8.4GHz and Breaks Overclocking World Record - AMD FX 'Bulldozer' Extreme Cooling Demonstration Event - Legit Reviews

AMD overclocks FX chip to 8.4GHz, sets Guinness record - The Tech Report

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