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My System Specs

Default Ram will not run in dual channel or fist 2 slots.

I am not enjoying my time with my new crosshair v board. I had audio issue forever after rma those are fixed but the ram problem remains. I just order 2 sticks of gskill ripjawsx f3 12800 cld-8gbxl to try and figure out what this ram problem is.

I am running a 64 bit windows os and i can't get it to run in dual channel or in the first two slots. I also have 8 gigs of corsair vengeance ram with the heat sinks off and i am having the same problem. Ok, so ram slots left to right labelled 1234. one stick will not work in 1 and 2 but will in 3 and 4. 1-3 and 2-4 combos boot but only show single channel and windows show 8gb 3.96 usable( bios shows 8gb). slots 3-4 corsair windows boots, over clocks and runs but only in single channel and all 8gb is usable. gskill in 34 doesn't over clock and wont boot into windows if over clocked.

currently running 4.0ghz 1055t ram is at 1524 and timings are at 8-8-8-22

Help is needed.
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