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Ok so i got around to installing my new samsungs and the high point.

One little snag though. My array in the array bios registers at 3TB but windows will only see 2.199 TB :( stupid XP. I Also i have found myself into some extra cash for some IT services rendered (god i love ignorant people, $90/hr to setup home network and what not). So i should hopefully be buying another 4 750GB drives to finish this puppy. probably get either more samsungs or seagates. Another issue i have run into is that my on board raid bios no longer works with 2 add in cards. Ah well. Not a big deal.

Some more pics.

Samsung Spinpoint 750GB HDD, very nice drives i have 4 of them

Here is my new highpoint raid controller very nice for the price.

All 4 spin point drives in the lower enclosure

My 4 bay sata back plane

And there is the finished product with count them 9 hard drives in a p182 with room for one more drive :D.

Here are some preliminary results based on a striped array. I have since then configured it as a 2TB raid 5 volume. But i want to wait for it to finish initalizing before i run tests on it.

First up is my raptor drive. I could only run read tests as it's my boot drive. Keep in mind this is a first gen raptor.

And now the highpoint raid

as you can see this card does quite admirably considering it's price level. There is one thing to note her while the read and write speeds were lower than when i first tested my 4 250GB drives on the onboard drives the graph had lots of spikes where this is much more uniform. And yes i would probably get better performance had i got something like an areca arc 1210 or an adaptec card. I also would have spent an additional $400 bucks. Once my new array setup has been initilized and formatted i will post it's results. One more thing. Did i mention how crappy windows is for counting the hd size differently.
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